Bridal Shower Color Idea For A Theme

Color Themed Bridal Showers

Arranging a color themed wedding shower is easy, and fun. Before you start it’s a good idea to ask the bride what her favorite color is. Then simply include the

color she picks in the decorations, favors, centerpiece, food and the invitations etc.

For example if the bride chooses yellow, a vase of daffodils or yellow roses, placed on a white tablecloth, yellow favor boxes tied with white ribbon, yellow balloons, and cupcakes decorated with yellow icing, as well as tea served from a yellow teapot would be really lovely.
Favors for a yellow themed bridal shower might be lemon drops, small jars of lemon curd, lemon cookies or lemon tea.

If she chooses blue then a vase of blue cornflowers, again on a white tablecloth, white favor boxes tied with blue ribbons, and cupcakes with white icing adorned with blue sugar roses would be a pretty choice.
Favor ideas for a blue shower could be packets of blue cornflower seeds, blue sugar almonds, blue candles and scented blue soaps.

A white theme is also a good choice for a bridal shower and it’s easy to create too. A centerpiece made from white candles and shells, a vase filled with white carnations or lily of the valley, or a white towel cake all make beautiful centerpieces for a white themed shower. White balloons and ribbon bows are easy decoration ideas. And a compote filled with vanilla marshmallows or white chocolates would make a nice addition too.

Choosing favors for a white themed shower is simple. Favors that your guests are sure to love might be pretty white handkerchiefs, small tins of mints or scrumptious white iced cookies.

Have a great color themed bridal shower party!

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