Centerpieces with Flowers

For many hostesses centerpieces with flowers are their favorite table decoration for a special event.

So here’s an easy floral centerpiece idea that we think would be just perfect for a bridal shower party.

Things you will need
*  A terracotta flowerpot, or a ceramic flower pot

*  A jar – the jar needs to fit neatly inside the flowerpot, so that it’s hidden from view.

*  Flowers

How to
1.  Put the jar inside the flowerpot.

2.  Next – using a creamer or a small pitcher – carefully fill the jar three-quarters or so full with tap water.

3.  Then just cut the stems – so that the blooms will peep above the rim of the pot – and arrange your flowers in the jar.

4.  And that’s it you’re done – you’ve made a simply pretty table decoration.

Incidentally, a good suggestion is to pick flowers, or to paint, or buy a flowerpot, in a color that matches or coordinates with your bridal shower theme.

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