Love Favors

Roses, and hearts, have long been a symbol of love and romance, so choosing confectionery love favors for a bridal shower party is a really nice idea.

These sweet treats are also inexpensive to buy, and many will come prepackaged.  But if needed adding a special touch to your gifts couldn’t be simpler.  Items such as favor boxes, bags, mint tins, favor pails, ribbons, and favor charms, are widely available, and they’re affordable!

Here’s a few romantic chocolate and candy favor ideas:

*  Conversation hearts, sweethearts, and love hearts – all of these have cute messages printed on them.

*  Puffed candy hearts

*  Chocolate roses

*  Gummy hearts

*  Chocolate hearts – these are also available individually foil wrapped; foil colors include red, pink, silver and gold.

*  Rose or heart lollipops

*  Heart shaped mints

*  Homemade chocolate roses or hearts – made in a candy mold.

*  Or simply buy your favorite confectionery, and use rose or heart themed items to present them.
These scrumptious suggestions for love favors are sure to please your party guests, and of course everyone’s sweet tooth too.

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