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Popular Bridal Shower Favors

Presenting guests with favors is a great way of thanking them for attending and celebrating a bridal shower; but sometimes the cost of these little gifts can add up and so use a larger part of your budget then you would have liked.

However, remember, with a little creative wrapping and/or adornment it’s easy to turn a small inexpensive gift or prepackaged party favor into a stylish and unique bridal shower favor.

Perhaps chosen to tie in with a bridal shower theme or colors, favor packaging and embellishment ideas include organza bags, small flower pots, mini pails and baskets, favor containers, boxes, cones, cellophane bags and wrap plus tissue paper, tulle, glassine envelopes, ribbons and bows, favor charms, raffia, beads, flowers, tags, labels, seals and stickers - these are all readily available from your stores and online; where you’ll also find a variety of affordable little favor gifts as well as a wide range of inexpensive prepackaged, and personalized party favors.

So next time you’re organizing a bridal shower party why not have a go at putting together, wrapping and/or embellishing the favors yourself – and as well as appreciating your efforts and thoughtfulness your guests are sure to love their beautifully chic thank you gifts.

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Favor Suggestions

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Bridal Candle Favor Ideas

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Bridal Shower Favor Ideas: Inexpensive Soaps

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Bridal Showers: Affordable Favor Ideas

Inexpensive Bridal Shower Favors

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Love Favors

Roses, and hearts, have long been a symbol of love and romance, so choosing confectionery love favors for a bridal shower party is a really nice idea.

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Homemade favors

Homemade favors make thoughtful mementos for bridal shower party guests.

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Favors: Wrapping And Presentation Ideas

The wrapping and presentation of a wedding or shower favor can turn a simple, affordable item into an attractive and  delightful gift.

Favor gifts can be presented in a variety of chic ways including …continue reading…

Wedding And Shower Favors

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However, do remember that  wedding and bridal shower favors don’t have to be …continue reading…

Have Some Games At The Shower

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Bridal Shower Fun

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There are some great ideas for a shower here and also a selection of ideas for party including tips on making shower cakes for the guests.

Ideas For A Bridal Shower Games

When you are planning a bridal shower, a great way to keep the event organized is to decide on games for all guests to play.

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    These popular shower Ideas For Favors suggestions will be a great way of getting everyone at the shower to start enjoying themselves. Even if they have never met before they will soon be sharing in the fun and getting to know each other. Be sure to take a good look at all the original as well as traditional bridal shower articles available on this site.