Ideas For Party Pinatas

Pinatas For Children At A Special Occasion

Having a pinata for the children at an event is a popular idea, and a great hit with the kids. So here, we’ve made a list of some favorite filler ideas for a kids piñata. These include some sweet and savory treats, and some tiny toys too. Plus we’ve added some useful tips, that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Things To Put Inside A Pinata For Kids

* Wrapped candy
* Animal shaped snacks
* Finger puppets
* Mini crayons
* Kids play jewelry
* Stickers
* Mini notepads
* Kids foam masks
* Hair slides and bands
* Kids play jewelry
* Mini cars
* Wind up toys
* Mini dinosaurs and animals
* Kids fun sunglasses
* Keychains
* Mini bubbles
* Erasers
* Confetti


* You can also buy pinata filler packs, so don’t forget to take a look at these items too.

* If you’re organizing an event during the Holiday Season, at this time of year there are lots of inexpensive novelty gifts, and Christmas themed sweet treats available, so you’re sure to find some great little goodies to put in your pinata.

* Remember, that if they’re falling from a height your little gifts will need to be fairly sturdy and light.

* For safety reasons, it’s advisable to have some adult supervision for this fun activity.

* When the pinata breaks and the treasure falls to the ground there may be a scramble for the items, so to lessen the perhaps inevitable scrum, a favorite suggestion is to fill a kids piñata, with some sealed, and named goody bags. This way each child gets a loot bag, and a fair share of the pinatas treats.

* A popular idea that you may also want to consider, is to choose a pull-string pinata, as opposed to one that is broken open with a stick etc.

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