Pinatas For Parties

More About The History of Piñatas

In times gone by players would take part in the pinata ‘game’. To ‘play’ they were first blindfolded, to represent blind faith, and then given a stick symbolizing goodness, to break the pinata open. Then when the pinatas tiny ‘treasures’ fell to the ground, these little gifts were said to represent faith in goodness, and shared amongst the other players. The moral being that good always conquers evil.

Today pinatas are typically made of paper or paper maché and, as well as the traditional star and donkey, are widely available in lots of other shapes, colors, and sizes, so making it easy to tie them to a theme, party colors, or to a special celebration. Perhaps a wedding, a birthday party, a baby or a bridal shower, Fourth of July, Cinco De Mayo, Halloween, Easter, or Christmas.

A pinata is often hung from a solid tree branch, however, it’s also frequently hung indoors in a suitable location, and of course at the right height for those taking part in the game.

Pinatas are generally designed to be either broken open with a stick or similar, or pulled open with a string. If kids are playing, a pull-string pinata is a popular choice. This typically has several strings attached, but only one string opens the pinata, to release all its little gifts.

Hagamos una fiesta jcon piñata!
Lets have a party a pinata party!

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