Shower Pinatas Ideas

Filling Ideas For A Wedding Shower Pinata

Are you throwing a bridal shower party and having a pinata, but are unsure what to fill it with? If so here’s a few fun ideas.

* Confetti – This makes a great filler, and when the piñata is broken or pulled open, and the little gifts fall to the ground, the confetti makes a pretty ‘rain shower’.

* Cheap jewelry – There are lots of inexpensive jewelry pieces available, including bangles, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, these are sure to make your guests smile.

* Wrapped Candy – This is certain to please everyone
* Mini notepads
* Bookmarks
* Keychains
* Mini puzzles and games
* Seeds
* Lavender sachets
* Matchbook emery boards
* Bridal scratch cards – The winning card could win a small prize.


* Don’t forget to keep in mind when choosing your goodies, that if they’re going to be falling from a height, then they will need to be fairly lightweight and sturdy.

* If you’re organizing a wedding shower during the Holidays, at this time of year there are lots of candy and cheap novelty items available, such as fun Christmas themed earrings! So you’re bound to find some great little gifts to put in your pinata.

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