All About Wedding Pinatas

The History of Party Pinatas

The word piñata comes from the Italian word pignatta, meaning pot, which in turn is thought to come from a Latin word meaning pine cone. However, this as well as the origins of the pinata are in fact a little uncertain.

Some say the pinata was discovered by the explorer Marco Polo, who, on his travels, is said to have come across some Chinese farmers, covering and shaping hollow objects with paper, to make them look like farm animals. These the farmers would use in their celebrations and ceremonies, as a symbol of hope for a good harvest. This custom Marco Polo is then said, to have brought to Europe, where it was adopted for the first Sunday of Lent celebrations.

Others say that the origins of the pinata began in Italy or Spain, and that it may in fact have been the Spanish who introduced the piñata to Mexico. Here clay pots were covered in brightly colored paper, fashioned into seven cones to represent the seven deadly sins, and filled with little ‘treasures’ – temptations of the devil.

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