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Perhaps chosen to tie in with a bridal shower theme or colors, pinata packaging and embellishment ideas include organza bags, small flower pots, mini pails and baskets, pinata containers, boxes, cones, cellophane bags and wrap plus tissue paper, tulle, glassine envelopes, ribbons and bows, pinata charms, raffia, beads, flowers, tags, labels, seals and stickers - these are all readily available from your stores and online; where you’ll also find a variety of affordable little pinata gifts as well as a wide range of inexpensive prepackaged, and personalized party pinatas.

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Also find unique Tulle Wedding pinata suggestions as well as Almonds, pinata Boxes and suitable Accessories

Pinatas For Parties

More About The History of Piñatas

In times gone by players would take part in the pinata ‘game’. To ‘play’ they were first blindfolded, to represent …continue reading…

Ideas For Party Pinatas

Pinatas For Children At A Special Occasion

Having a pinata for the children at an event is a popular idea, and a great hit with the kids. So here, we’ve made a list of some favorite …continue reading…

Bridal Pinatas

A Pinata For A Party

Whether you’re choosing a pinata to tie in with a theme, or simply in a shape that relates to showers and weddings, there are some great ones to pick from, here’s a list of …continue reading…

Shower Pinatas Ideas

Filling Ideas For A Wedding Shower Pinata

Are you throwing a bridal shower party and having a pinata, but are unsure what to fill it with? If so here’s a few fun ideas.

* Confetti – This makes a great filler, and when the piñata is broken or pulled open, and the little gifts fall to the ground, the …continue reading…

All About Wedding Pinatas

The History of Party Pinatas

The word piñata comes from the Italian word pignatta, meaning pot, which in turn is thought to come from a Latin word meaning …continue reading…

Wedding Shower Party Pinatas

Piñatas And More

As well as our pinata articles, here at, you’ll find lots more great ideas for a wedding shower, and other very special events too. You’ll discover articles about bridal shower etiquette, party favors, poems for invites, invitation wording, some useful …continue reading…

Wedding Shower Party Pinata Ideas

Pinatas For A Bridal Shower

A pinata makes a lovely party decoration, and a fun bridal shower activity too. Pinatas are readily available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, and as such are often chosen to …continue reading…

Have Some Games At The Shower

The useful tips you can find include games for a Bridal shower suggestions other party articles here to assist the shower planner and so on. So be certain to read this selection of helpful party hints and ideas which are a great help for shower planning.

Ideas For A Bridal Shower Pinatas

When you are planning a bridal shower, a great way to keep the event organized is to decide on entertainment for all guests to enjoy.

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    These popular shower Shower Parties suggestions will be a great way of getting everyone at the shower to start enjoying themselves. Even if they have never met before they will soon be sharing in the fun and getting to know each other. Be sure to take a good look at all the original as well as traditional bridal shower articles available on this site.