How To Make Bridal Shower Corsages

DIY Corsages

Why not make a gorgeous corsage for the bride-to-be to wear at her wedding shower, and make a gift and a memory that she is always sure to cherish.


A floral corsage is typically designed with the theme of the bridal shower, or wedding in mind. This might be for example, by simply choosing to use the same kind of flowers as the wedding flowers, or perhaps by picking blooms in colors that tie in with a theme. It may also include in its arrangement, some small wedding, or shower related items, such as some tiny bells or wedding charms.

However, a wedding shower corsage is often made from other things too. For a Stock The Kitchen Shower Theme for instance, it might be created from some mini kitchen tools. Items such as a cappuccino whisk, some small cookie cutters, measuring spoons, a mini wooden spoon, a kitchen scourer, as well as some miniature dolls house kitchen accessories, would be a really fun choice.

Corsage Supplies

Before you begin your project, you will of course need to decide on the kind of corsage that you would like to make, and where it’ll be worn. Say the bodice, or sash, of the bride to be’s dress, or on her wrist. Then you’ll need to shop for your bits and bobs. Sourcing supplies is easy, as ribbons, pretty corsage pins, safety pins, and bracelets, as well as many other corsage making products, are readily available.


When choosing little items to make your corsage, it’s a good idea to either pick ones with handles, or things that can easily be attached by tying or sewing, or perhaps by gluing.

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