Bridal Floral Corsages and Capias

Presenting a bride-to-be with a floral corsage, or giving keepsake capias to your party guests, is a really lovely idea. You can of course buy a corsage from a florist, and capias from a store, however, a great alternative is to make them yourself.

A corsage makes a gorgeous gift, and is just perfect for celebrations, such as a Gardening, or a Garden Tea Party themed bridal shower. Also, capias can make great party favors, for all kinds of special events.


To make your floral corsage, you might pick flowers and greenery from your garden, or maybe buy some fresh, or silk ones. You might also choose supplies for your corsage or capias, such as flowers, ribbons, and embellishments, to tie in with the flowers or colors of the upcoming wedding, or perhaps to tie in with the theme of the bridal shower.


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