Shower Purse Game

Bridal Shower Games Ideas: The Purse Game

To play this fun bridal shower game, before the party, simply make a

list of things you would generally expect to find in a lady’s purse handbag).

Then – depending on how likely or unlikely you think finding the item is – give each item a point value – say one point for keys, three for a mirror and so on.

How to play

1. Ask each of your guests in turn if they have the first item on the list in their purse.

2. If the answer is yes and they show the item they’re then awarded the allotted amount of points.

3. Continue until all the items on the list have been called out.

4. If an item happens to turn up that’s not on the list, and it’s a bit out of the ordinary the bride-to-be can award bonus points.

5. Don’t forget as you go along you’ll need to keep a good tally of how many points each guest is awarded.

6. The guest with the most points wins the game and a small prize.

Here’s a few ideas for your list

Cell phone (mobile phone)
Pocket mirror
Lip gloss
Nail file
Credit card

An Alternative Version

* Another version of this popular shower game is to see who has the heaviest handbag (purse) – a kitchen or bathroom scale is the easiest way to check this – or whose contains the most items.

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