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  • Bridal Ideas

      These ice-breaker games will really help the shower to be a great success.

Price is Right Shower Games

To play this popular bridal shower game, before the party you'll need to buy ten or so household items - don't forget they'll make a useful shower gift too.

Here's a few ideas for your shopping basket
All purpose cleaner
Furniture polish
Feather duster
Dustpan and brush
Laundry detergent
Fabric softener
Dishwashing liquid
Paper towel
Tea towel

Then make two lists of the things you bought - one with the prices and one without - make one copy of the no-price list for every guest.

How to play
1. Give a copy of the 'no-price' list and a pencil to each of your guests.

2. Then show them each item in turn and ask them to write down next to the corresponding item on their list how much they think it cost - it's a good idea to say which store you bought the item from.

3. The winner of the game is the guest who guesses closest to the right price of the most items. They win a little gift too.

* A variation of this fun shower party game is for guests to guess the price of each item, then add up the numbers to find the total of what's in the 'basket'. Whoever gets closest to the correct total wins the game, and a small prize.


Games For A Wedding Shower

    As well as the trivia bridal shower games on this site are games suitable for a wide range of guests of different age groups and tastes, so that no one feels left out of the fun. We hope that the shower is a great success and the bride receives a fine selection of gifts for her future married life. Do check out this range of ice-breaker games for wedding showers and other hosting ideas including themes and the related gifts for the new couple together with invitation wording suggestions.


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