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Clothespin Shower Games

Before the shower choose two or three wedding themed words, such as bridesmaid, bride, and groom.

How to play
1. On arrival give each of your party guests a clothespin (peg) to wear and tell them that they're not to say your chosen words for the duration of the shower, or for a set amount of time - say an hour.

2. Then, during the game if one guest hears another say a forbidden word she can claim their clothes pin or pins.

3. The winner is the guest who at the end of the game has collected the most clothespins. She wins a small prize too!

* Another version of this traditional shower game is when guests are told they're not to cross their legs or ankles. And if they're caught doing this by another guest she can claim their clothespin or pins. As before the guest who collects the most clothespins wins the game plus a little gift.

Tip: Colorful mini clothespins make a fun alternative to everyday clothespins - you can usually find them in craft stores.


Games For A Wedding Shower

    The bridal shower games to be found on this site are fine for a range of guests of various age groups and tastes, so that nobody will be offended or feel left out of the entertainment. We hope that the wedding shower is a great success and the bride gets a fine selection of gifts for her future married life. Do see the range of games for a bridal shower and other planning ideas including themes and the suitable gifts for the couple to be, together with invitation wording tips.


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