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Free Games Ideas

Take a look at the various articles on this site which are sure to make your job as hostess much easier. Some of the suggestions you'll find include game ideas for a bridal shower, as well as some really useful party tips to assist you in planning the shower. Also our invitations and printable games are a great money saver for a hostess.

Simply print the free games for an easy way to keep everyone entertained. Activities such as Bridal Word Scramble, and something from our selection of icebreakers for instance, would be a great choice, and will help your guests to feel at ease, and to make the event a fun and memorable one.

shower party table

Hosting A Shower

Themed Showers are popular ideas for organizing the event will help you plan the party more easily. Bridal Shower Theme Ideas including - Bridal Shower Games Free, Fun ice-breakers.

The Bridal Shower Favor Ideas for affordable party favors will not only please your guests, they'll also help you to plan a shower that won't break the bank.

Quick And Easy Bridal Shower Food: With the menu suggestions here it's easy to cater for your guests and to have a good selection of delicious food for them to enjoy, and for you to have fun at the party too! So be certain to see our collection of easy finger food recipes to ensure that everyone will love the food and drinks on offer and has a great time at the shower.

Shower Decorations Read through the hosting Ideas here, which offer Free & printable, shower games that anyone can play and enjoy.

There are various ideas for Party Decorations for you to enhance the event. With these popular ideas for party decor, decorating a room and setting the mood for your Shower is a breeze.

Poems For Invites And More

You will find a selection of useful articles here at BabyShowerSteps, on themes, games plus really delightful poems to add to the atmosphere and mood of the occasion.

It is really important to give a bride-to-be a lovely wedding shower and to throw a party where friends and family have a really enjoyable time. it is also an event that she's sure to be grateful to the hostess for organizing for many years to come.

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A shower is a wonderful opportunity to help a bride-to-be prepare for her new home. So it is particularly important to ensure that she is has the items for her future married life and you will be able to find how to create a helpful event with these Recent Articles.


Why not choose a theme for the Shower? Not only will help you to organize the event, but it will also be a really nice way to let the guests know what to expect at the party and what gifts they might buy.

shower party tableA bridal shower is, of course, a really special pre-wedding event for a bride-to-be, and a day that she is always sure to remember. So if you're hosting a shower party and would like the occasion to be a fun-filled and memorable celebration, we have some great ideas to help you with the planning and managing of the event. These include some amazing suggestions for games, themes, decorations and suitaable gift ideas. Additionally the are articles about how to make the party favors, printable invitations, plus the food menu, and much much more.

And if you're planning a bridal shower on a small budget our free printable games and creative tips will save you money too!


You should of course remember that the ideas and information which are shown on this site are only general suggestions and you really should always consult with the friends and relatives concerned with the event before taking any action.

Be sure to obay any Covid-19 regulations and restrictions that relate to your region.